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The Orca is found in all oceans and seas of the world, from the deepest waters to the coast. These whales occur less in waters far from land and more often in colder waters rich in food. The degree of ice cover limits their polar distribution and they do not normally migrate from warm to cold waters like the baleen whales do - but they are hardy enough to survive in many different conditions and are found in tropical waters as well.

The Orca or "killer whale" is a toothed whale that is an efficient predator, known to attack even young blue whales. The Orcas' only enemy is human beings. These communal whales live in small, close-knit, life-long pods and have one blowhole. The killer whale is the biggest dolphin in the family of dolphins and is sometimes called the "wolf of the sea" because its behavior is similar to that of the wolves.

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